Claudia Sheinbaum Confirms That There Will Be No Fiscal Reform

President-elect of Mexico said that she will prioritize the reduction of the fiscal deficit in the coming months.

The virtual elected president of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that during her term the federal government will not propose a fiscal reform.

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In his meeting with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Sheinbaum said: “We are making a very responsible budget. Our goal is that the deficit by 2025 will peak at 3.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product; this year it will be closing to more than 5 percent”.

The future president expressed that “the fundamental reason is the closure of the strategic works of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we are already working on the budget of 2025. We will reduce the deficit”.

He assured that in his Government resources will be obtained from the digitization of government procedures, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and Customs. It also considered that the economic development of the country must be inclusive and well-being.

Hoy anuncié en la reunión con empresarias y empresarios que vamos a formar la Agencia de Transformación Digital juntando diversas áreas de gobierno que ayude a disminuir trámites y facilite la vida a las y los ciudadanos.

— Dra. Claudia Sheinbaum (@Claudiashein) June 20, 2024

The text reads,
Today I announced at the meeting with businessmen and women that we are going to form the Digital Transformation Agency, bringing together various areas of government that will help reduce procedures and make life easier for citizens.

On the other hand, Francisco Cervantes Díaz, leader of the leadership body, highlighted that private firms will announce investments of more than 42,000 million dollars. Among them he mentioned Femsa, with 9,000 million dollars; TransCanadá (4,500) and Mexico Pacific (more than 15,000).

Likewise, the president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers, Alejandro Malagón, showed his confidence in good economic growth.