Callin Signs Exclusive Podcast Deals with Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Briahna Joy Gray, Antonio García Martínez, and Andray Domise

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today social podcasting platform Callin announced an exciting new roster of talent with live…

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today social podcasting platform Callin announced an exciting new roster of talent with live podcast shows in development exclusively for Callin. The new creators include Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Briahna Joy Gray, Antonio García Martínez, and Andray Domise, with more to join in the coming weeks. Callin offers listeners a dynamic live listening experience where audience members can call in, ask questions and engage with some of the boldest voices covering current events, trends, and investigative journalism.

Creators love podcasting on Callin for its ease of use, social features, and ability to engage live audiences.

«Creators like Glenn, Matt, Briahna, Antonio, and Andray take Callin to the next level. As independent thinkers with sharp points of view and large engaged followings, their shows will provide insightful commentary, lively debate, and a unique opportunity for interaction,» said David Sacks, co-founder of Callin and general partner at Craft Ventures. «Callin is like taping a pod in front of a live studio audience. Listeners can call in and be part of the conversation, yet hosts maintain total creative control during the room and in post-production. The ability to interact with audiences is a priority for independent journalists and thought leaders like Glenn Greenwald and many of our other creators.»

Leading Content, Live on Callin

Callin is home to shows across categories including comedy, sports, true crime, gaming, food, health, education, history, entertainment, and more. These news hosts will be producing shows exclusively for Callin across current events, global political, cultural, and social trends and news, and business and technology.

  • Glenn Greenwald, independent journalist and author, will launch «The Glenn Greenwald Podcast» which will span commentary, reporting, and interactive discussions.

    Glenn Greenwald said, «From the time I began working as an independent journalist, I viewed the ability to have an interactive relationship with my audience – rather than the traditional monologue form – as both a crucial form of journalistic accountability and a key innovation that moves us beyond traditional media. In addition to holding me accountable and challenging me as a journalist, this type of intimate interaction introduces me to new thinking and opinions, allows for debates and discussions, and has inspired me to dig deeper on certain topics that might not have come to my attention otherwise. The fact that Callin encourages this kind of open dialogue between hosts and listeners while also giving me creative control over the content that I produce made joining the platform an obvious choice for me.»

  • Matt Taibbi, award-winning author and journalist, will launch «TK Live.» He’ll hold discussions based off of the investigative reporting he publishes on TK News on Substack, and engage in Q&A with guests and audience members at regular times each week.

    Taibbi said, «Callin fits nicely into my independent journalism content strategy. My Substack subscribers are extremely engaged and active in the comments, and Callin provides a way to continue the conversation live, dig deeper into interesting topics, and for the live audience to raise questions or present opposing views (including constructive criticism for me). The fact that I can publish a new episode with minimal editing makes it easy to integrate into my routine. I see Callin as potentially a critical piece of the future of reporting – a way for reporters to find and develop sources while generating content at the same time.»

  • Briahna Joy Gray, journalist, attorney, and former National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders 2020, will host «The DEBRIEF with Briahna Joy Gray,» a show debriefing the day’s pop culture and political happenings.

  • Antonio García Martínez, technologist and author, hosts «The Pull Request,» a show that covers «technology, culture, and religion from a lapsed Cuban Jewish(ish) technologist.»

  • Andray Domise, a Marxist-Leninist, Pan-African journalist and writer, will host his own show in addition to co-hosting «Unredacted» with Glenn Greenwald, a show covering global politics, and surveillance and privacy issues in tech through two political lenses.

A Broad Range of Categories

Politics and society are not the only categories on Callin. New shows spanning comedy, sports, true crime, business, technology, gaming, food, health, education, history, entertainment are launching on a weekly basis. Callin is also excited to introduce these new shows and creators:

Social Podcasting, Designed for Creators

Callin was developed with the creator in mind, making it as easy as possible to record, edit, and publish a podcast. Features like live recordings, transcript editing, and social features set Callin apart from traditional podcasting platforms. Creators are adding Callin to their content stack as their go-to audio platform to share viewpoints, elaborate on current events and hot topics, and engage in debate and discourse.

These creators selected Callin as their exclusive podcasting platform of choice for the following key reasons:

  • Full-stack podcasting platform – With Callin, creators can record, edit, publish, and distribute episodes with a few taps on an iPhone (and soon, Android device) – no costly equipment or time-intensive editing software required. Because of its ease of use, Callin seamlessly fits in with and complements these creators’ other channels for written and video content.

  • Audience engagement – Callin’s live recording feature and the ability for audience members to interact with hosts and guests during episodes is an important feature for both hosts and listeners. Using Callin as a forum for questions, commentary, discourse, and debate is key to the listening experience. Additional Callin features such as highlights, social sharing, and in-app messaging make it easy for hosts and listeners to interact and share content after the episode wraps to keep the conversation going.

  • Creator control over content – Creative control is a major reason hosts choose Callin. A platform for creators to share their expertise, opinions, and ideas, Callin encourages hosts, speakers, and audience members to engage in live discourse. Hosts have creative and practical control over their rooms and the topics discussed. Hosts control who can and cannot speak in a room and what content is ultimately published, within the community guidelines.

Download Callin to listen to live-recorded podcasts from leading creators, or to start your own show. Visit or find us in the Apple App Store. Android coming soon.

About Callin

Callin is the first social podcasting platform where users can create, discover, and consume live and recorded audio content in one place. It combines the best aspects of social audio – live conversations and social discoverability – with the best of podcasting – a library of quality, episodic content that users can listen to any time. Founded by David Sacks and Axel Ericsson, Callin is backed by Sequoia Capital, Goldcrest Capital, and Craft Ventures.


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