Buenos Aires Archbishop Asks Politicians Deeds and Not Just Words

Buenos Aires Archbishop Asks Politicians Deeds and Not Just Words

During the Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, and in the presence of the Argentine President, Javier Milei, the Archbishop of the Argentine capital Monsignor Jorge García Cuerva, asked this Saturday that politics accompany “with deeds and not just words, the effort of the people.”


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“Our people are making a very big effort, we can not be fools; we must accompany with deeds and not only with words that enormous effort; that is why some actions of the divorced leadership of the ordinary citizens continue to hurt, as the much-talked-about ‘auto raises’ of salaries a few weeks ago,” said the archbishop

In his message, to commemorate the 214 years of the first patriotic government of the May Revolution -with which Argentina took its first steps towards independence from the Kingdom of Spain-, Monsignor Cuerva also claimed for the basic needs of children, health and the retired.

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May 25, 2024

Monsignor García Cuerva said that there is “paralysis that cannot be procrastinated” because they would generate dire consequences in Argentine society “Malnutrition in early childhood, lack of schooling and accessibility to health services, elderly and retired people unable to sustain themselves daily with a minimum of dignity, are some of these urgent examples,” he added.

For his part, the archbishop quoted Pope Francis, to demand that the current government of the country self-criticism before the “conspiracies” to destroy the other: “It is not the same to unite as to conspire, fraternize and forge the culture of encounter than to be an accomplice of evil with the sole aim of destroying the other. Thinking about strategies to make the other go wrong. That destroys us all and eats away at the foundations of the homeland,” he said.

Argentina is amidst one of its worst economic crisis, with one of the world’s largest inflation. During the far-right winger Milei’s government, the majority of wages, subsidies and social plans enacted by the progressive governments that preceded the current president have been cut, which has led to strikes and protests of popular discontent.