ALBA Welcomes Agreement to Recognize Venezuelan Presidential Results

The agreement represents a sovereign action through which the competing parties undertake to respect the will of the people.

On Monday, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) welcomed the agreement to recognize the results of the Venezuelan elections, which was signed by eight out of ten presidential candidates.


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The regional organization stated that the agreement represents a sovereign action through which the competing parties undertake to respect “the decision of the Venezuelans in the upcoming elections, always in favor of maintaining the peace and stability of the nation.”

“The Bolivarian alliance reiterates its support for the Venezuelan government and people in their inalienable right to build their own destiny without any kind of interference, and supports all pertinent actions to uphold their sovereignty and self-determination.”

Signed before the National Electoral Council (CNE) on June 20, the agreement establishes the obligation of the candidates to maintain a “climate of respect, peace, and democratic participation” so that “the will of the people of Venezuela is not interfered with or disregarded through acts of violence and destabilization that undermine the country’s well-being.”

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Venezuela continues to battle with sanctions against its economy, with the oil industry heavily sanctioned, directly resulting in the impoverishment of millions…

— Going Underground (@GUnderground_TV) June 11, 2024

Another point of the agreement commits the Venezuelan candidates to “fulfill the duty to honor and defend the homeland and demand the absolute lifting of the unilateral coercive sanctions” imposed on Venezuela.

The document includes various points that are already contemplated in the Barbados Agreement such as the recognition of the electoral result or guarantees regarding the defense of the homeland, democratic stability, or respect for human rights, among others.

The agreement was not signed by the far-right candidates Enrique Marquez of the Centrados party and Edmundo Gonzalez of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD).

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— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) June 19, 2024