72% of Voters Say Biden Should Not Run After a Bad Break in the Debate

The 72% of the registered voters in the United States say that the current President Joe Biden should not run for re-election, according to a poll by CBS News and YouGov after his bad break on Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump.


Biden and Trump Face Off in First Presidential Debate in 2024 Election

Voters say Biden is not in “mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president,” at his 81 years old. Although he was physically awkward and at times hesitant, incoherent and without finishing a sentence, the current tenant of the White House said the next day that he did not plan to leave the race to get a second term.

86% of those questioned in the survey consider Biden’s age to be a key reason he should not run, and 72% say Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health to be president, seven points more than in early June.

Dems who don’t think Biden has the mental & cognitive health to serve are more likely to say he shouldn’t be the nominee.
And the % of Dems who don’t think he has the cognitive health has increased. https://t.co/Lh988b9zMF pic.twitter.com/rPRlJuy80r

— CBS News Poll (@CBSNewsPoll) June 30, 2024

When asked more directly whether Biden should step aside as a Democratic candidate to give another Democrat a chance to run, 64% of voters said he should.

The poll, which was conducted on Friday and Saturday among 1,134 registered voters and has a margin of error of 4.2 percentage points, also shows concern for Trump, 78, by voters.

On ther other hand, Democracy Corps survey of Democratic-leaning voters, who used words such as “confused”, “frail”, and “dementia” to describe the president’s debate performance, Politico reported.

The Guardian reports that for this poll, made before and after the debate, 65% said they would vote for Biden before the debate, only 54% said he won the debate once it ended, according to the survey.

#WATCH | According to a new CBS poll, 72% of registered voters think Biden should not run for president, this includes 45% of Democrats pic.twitter.com/zBxmBLDDYu

— VOZ (@Voz_US) June 30, 2024

A poll by CNN, the network in charge of the first debate among the November presidential candidates, indicated on Thursday that registered voters who saw the meeting “think largely that Trump surpassed Biden”,

“Most say they have no real confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country. At the same time, most of those who tuned in to the program say it had little or no effect on their election for president,” the channel said.